About Us…

Cultural Capital is an organisation that operates throughout London. We develop and deliver a range of projects and initiatives that have the potential to facilitate enduring and meaningful outcomes – providing all of those involved with the composite skills and experiences to fuel long term social mobility and economic independence.

Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for young people to acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully engage and achieve in employment, education and training; but also to have the confidence and attitude to be able to negotiate long term successes.   

We have developed a unique approach to the way we work, many of our projects focus on providing young people with opportunities to acquire intellectual and cultural wealth with activities that lay outside of their social, cultural and economic milieus.

We want to support young people to become productive members of society but also to be passionate and enthusiastic about the paths they take. We encourage an unmovable belief that there are no limitations to what they are capable of achieving.

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