Cultural Capital Academic Achievement Awards

“We are proud to be supporting young people to reach their goals and gain success.“ Cultural Capital

Last week, students were awarded by both the Cultural Capital team and Waltham Forest College for successfully graduating despite various barriers to their learning. 

Cultural Capital’s partnership work with Waltham Forest has enabled students, including those with just one GCSE, in care or on a youth offenders scheme, to attend Waltham Forest College – with a 90% success rate. Waltham Forest Mayor Saima Mahmud was on hand to present certificates to the young people on the day. She said, “It is fantastic programme supporting young people who have had all kinds of barriers to learning. Whether it is because English is not their first language, home life, young people decide not to pursue education for all manner of reasons. The council may not be able to provide these services as free schools are taken out of council control but we have worked closely with this programme.”

Cultural Capital Directors, Assad Yaqub and Nathan Damson were in the same class as each other. They said, “We were in their position 20 years ago, we left school without any qualifications but didn’t have the support that we are offering them. We ensure that support is tailor made for the students.” The students claimed their graduation certificates and £250 in vouchers. All of the students have been supported in their studies throughout the year by Cultural Capital mentors, who worked closely with tutors from the college and provided a range of training, advice and guidance to the young people. Student Paige Williams, spoke at the event saying, “I am really happy to get to the end of the year it has been long and difficult. I literally wouldn’t be here today had it not been for them. They even paid for my train ticket,”… “My dad kicked me out so I had to move to Southend to live with my mum. Cultural Capital helped me get housing nearby, directed me to tutors for extra help for my exams and just spoke to me when I was down. I had no-one but now I am going to Birmingham University. If you said that to me last year I would say you were having a laugh.”

(Student Paige Williams)

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