Our work in London 2014 – 2015

Five months in and for us the time has flown by…

There is no doubt that our dedicated team are working hard to provide the right support for each and every young person we are currently working with. In fact, we have formed partnerships with a number of education and training providers in London and the results have been fantastic. As a result of our joint working, we are currently supporting over 1000 young people and have invested over £250,000 in providing them with the tools, materials and training they need to reach their academic, career and personal goals.

This is great news, but we are always striving to do more and we have big plans to continue and improve on this success in the future. For those who are unfamiliar with what we do, our mentors currently work throughout London to support young people to engage in sustainable means of education and training. Once engaged, our mentors work with these young people to achieve long term objectives.

A look back…

We are now coming to the end of the academic year and looking back, we are pretty proud of the work we have done. Our work has included a number of educational trips to a range of destinations – from The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, which played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation to ZSL London Zoo. These visits have been hugely beneficial to the young people we are working with, most have had little to no access to these types of experiences. In particular, these trips have provided an excellent opportunity for our ESOL students to practise their language skills outside of the educational environment and of course to experience the cultural riches that London has to offer.

These trips have been fantastic, but our work includes much more than this. We have also provided CV workshops, conflict resolution training, sexual health workshops, constructive communications training and much more in the last year. We have also provided young pope wirh a range of educational tools and materials – including computers – to help with their education.

At Cultural Capital we are truly passionate about our work and look forward to new partnerships, new opportunities and of course working with more young people to support their academic, career and personal progress for the future.

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