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The Activity was established for AK early in the academic year when a leading member of staff referred AK and other members of the institute to be signed up to a preventative NEET contract in the hopes of retaining the students in education at the chosen institute.

The aims and objectives of the activity itself is to provide a base for AK and others to remain in education as he was formerly at risk of dropping out of education due to issues with confidence and the acquirement of low attainment levels at previous sectors of education, most notably his GCSE outcomes. Furthermore, if AK was to decide that he no longer wanted to participate in education, then a clear and precise structure is set out for AK to succeed elsewhere, such as, employment and training.

Overall, as stated beforehand, the idea of the activity is to support AK with his personal life and career choices in order to attain the best outcome possible for him.

Participant's starting situation

Prior to starting the activity with us, AK was at risk of dropping out of education due to his lack in confidence and low attainment levels he received previously. AK was constantly clashing with members of staff and did show a degree of behavioral problems. AK also seemed to have issues with anger which was limiting his progression within his education.


AK faced potential barriers with financial issues before his time in the activity. AK struggled to attend college on time, or at all, and subsequently, missed important parts of lessons which affected his chance of progression within the course.

Furthermore, it was evident, that during the course itself, AK lacked confidence and motivation which was also affecting his learning. AK was constantly attending lessons late although he had been present at the institute and when he was challenged about this, it was clear that AK wasn’t as interested in the course as he was previously and he has stated that this was due to him lacking motivation.

AK also has issues with his temper which will need to be addressed.


AK was supported with his problems by the mentor through regular 1 – 1 IAG sessions with the mentor. During these sessions, any potential barriers were discussed and also solutions to these barriers. AK stated that he had issues with finance.

Thereafter, AK was supported in applying and receiving a part time post in employment over the weekends. Furthermore, AK was admitted to particular workshops which were based on improving his educational attainment. Workshops such as confidence building and time management were a few of which AK participated in.

Furthermore, AK’s punctuality was an issue therefore, he was supported in applying for a 16+ Oyster ZIP card so that travelling to college became cheaper. Furthermore, the mentor and AK also developed a range of SMART targets which he will be aiming to achieve by the end of the academic year.

Furthermore, AK has also had issues with his manager at work where AK has lost his temper due to a passing comment made by the manager. In order to prevent this from occurring again, AK has been advised to come and see the mentor every time he feels like he is losing his temper. Furthermore, AK has also been admitted to the anger management workshop in order to prevent this underlying issue.


The outcomes in regard to AK and his education has had a severe impact. AK was formerly cherry picked by members of staff at the institute as a student which they will part ways with. However, since being part of the program, AK has made significant changes to his attitude and demeanor.

For instance, AK’s financial issues were tackled by finding a part time job as well as him receiving a 16+ Oyster ZIP card. Furthermore, this has allowed AK to sort out his punctuality and attendance as it isn’t as costly for him to attend college.

AK also lacked in confidence and motivation and this was affecting his learning massively. By attending the workshops, AK was shown different techniques to improve this and this is evident due to the rapport he has now built with his course tutors and peers.

Another Issue AK had was his temper and by attending the anger management workshop, AK learnt new techniques in containing his anger. Another element which helped AK quell his anger issues is the constant 1 – 1 meetings with the mentor. AK has stated that he now feels he has someone to talk to about these issues as he didn’t feel comfortable speaking to teachers about this.

Overall, these elements have had a profound affect on AK’s education as he is now not considered to be at risk of dropping out of college and his progression is clear for everyone at the institute to see.

Future plans

The next step for AK is to finish the academic year with good grades and still be present at the institute. AK has come very far in regards to his education and it is quintessential for AK to stay in education.

Furthermore, AK also needs to be able to sustain his part time job in order to be financially able to complete the academic year. AK does however, need to get good enough grades for him to be accepted into the second year of his course so it is my job to provide AK with the support he needs in order to make this achievement.

AK aspires to go to University in the near future and he can only achieve this feat if he keeps his head down and receives the grades his intellect is capable of.

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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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