AM – ESF Case Study

Participant's starting situation

The student AM was referred by his tutor to cultural capital where AM would be supported with some of the issues and challenges he had been facing.

AM is an ESOL Student and a looked after young person in care. AM was facing issues with traveling to college, and issues with property AM was staying at. AM had encountered issues with travelling to college as he did not receive the bursary to help him do this.

AM expressed issue with his social worker he currently had and was not gaining the correct support and he wanted a new social worker.


  • College bursary
  • Oyster Zip card
  • Bank Account
  • Housing

Above are the issues AM addressed to the mentor during the session.

AM faced these barriers making it difficult for him to attend college as he was not receiving funds, there had also been issues with the social worker and AM did not receive the right support necessary to help him access funds for travelling or help with housing.


The mentor was able to help AM with filling out a hardship form, and then his bursary form. The mentor also contacted Portsmouth city council to see if they had assigned him his new social worker. The mentor got his details of the social worker and key worker, spoke to them both on the phone and then wrote them an email regarding AM situation.

  • Opening a bank account
  • College Bursary
  • Oyster Zip card


AM received a pre- oyster card and 20 food voucher which helped him to get to college, and this will help AM with his attendance to college as before he had to choose whether to eat food with the money he had received from social services or use this money on travel.

The prepaid oyster was a short-term solution given to AM until he received his zip card from the college.

AM was clearer in direction because social worker had been contacted by the mentor and doing this meant that he would receive more help if needed in the future by a new allocated social worker which he could also seek help from.

With the necessary things in place AM could more concentrate on completing his college course and work towards his future goals.

Future plans

  • AM want to become a plumber in the future
  • Complete English ESOL course
  • Have his own house/ start his own business
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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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