DBJ Success Story


DBJ is a 16 years old young woman studying Travel & Tourism. Following on from our Mental Health Workshop she was referred to us for support as she was suffering from stress and anxiety.

DBJ currently lives with her mother primarily but her father also has parenting responsibilities. Her parents had an acrimonious divorce where DBJ had to stand in witness box at a very tender age. This has scared her and she is still traumatised by that experience.

She doesn’t get on well with his father’s current girlfriend and feel intimidated by her whenever she is required to stay at her father’s house. Her mother and father are getting married to their respective partners and require DBJ to be the bridesmaid on both wedding.

DBJ feels that her parents are behaving immaturely and putting unnecessary pressure on her. DBJ stated that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about this but talks to us as she feels that we will be able to help her and won’t judge her. DBJ self-harms and have had suicidal ideation.

making progress

After a few meeting I have managed to convince her that I should make a CAMHS referral where she will be able to get some specialised help. She also agreed that I convey her feelings to her mother.

Her mum was very understanding and agreed to support her throughout her CAMHS appointments so I referred her to CAMHS. She had been attending her appointments and also meeting with me on a weekly basis.


Her teacher and I have seen significant change in her attitude and approach.

She has successfully completed her course and will be back next year to finish her 2nd year.

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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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