KD – ESF Case Study


The activity was established in the first academic term, the course is being funded by ESF, the aims and objectives of the activity is to give support to students so they are able to remove their barriers to learning and ensure intervention is put in place, so they can complete their course.

Participant's starting situation

KD was open and honest when having mentor sessions and said they were looking for full time further education to have focus on their goals and targets as one of their immediate family members is involved in a gang.

KD did not want to be involved in gang activities and felt as though the family member was applying pressure towards them to be apart of their lifestyle.


The barriers in place were KD’s awareness that they do have a bad temper in situations sometimes which was a barrier to their learning because it was not constructive in their life and amongst their studies.

KD also said that their immediate family member being involved around criminal activity was very hard to be around because of the peer pressure to become a part of the gang, not having a positive force for their support network within their family.


KD was brought to the Waltham Forest Welfare team to discuss these concerns and spoke with the besafe team to ensure that they felt safe.

Once it was confirmed that KD indeed did feel safe, SWOT analysis was done to identify how to focus on KD’s goals and how to work towards them.

KD was present for various workshops delivered by mentors such as gun and knife crime, conflict and resolution and mediation.


The interventions ensured that KD was in an environment outside of college that he deemed as safe which was the biggest concern for mentors for safeguarding KD and one to one mentoring sessions that worked towards preventing gang affiliation.

KD was able to gain more knowledge about the effects of gun and knife crime through workshops which included specifics on the sentences which can be given when carrying a knife or gun.

Conflict and resolution helped for KD to acknowledge how to avoid confrontation and the importance of resolving issues with people.

Future plans

KD’s plans are to continue with their course, in the first academic term they completed their Level 1 award in Business start up and in the new term will be focusing on the Level 1 award in Self marketing.

KD has expressed interests in running their own business and wants to work towards this by completing all their Level 1 courses and work towards Level 2.

KD has interests in doing work experience and gaining more of an understanding of working in a business.

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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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