NN – ESF Case Study

Participant's starting situation

NN was referred to Cultural Capital mentoring team as his tutor had real concern about his behavior and welfare. NN has a fractured relationship with his mother hence doesn’t want to stay at his mother.

NN was arrested for the possession on illegal substance in Northampton and consequently been given an injunction “no to re-enter Northampton” by the court.

NN was then sent to Nigeria for a year by his family. He returned to the UK Early 2018.

Upon his return to the UK he started to go back to Northampton and was arrested by the Police.

NN could receive custodial sentencing.

NN is welcome to live in his mother house but will need to follow her house rule which he is reluctant to do.


NN is at risk of dropping out of college. His attendance has been irregular and has a number of course work outstanding.

NN at risk of receiving a custodial sentence which will lead him to being excluded from college.

  • A potential of being homeless.
  • Involvement in drugs.
  • Involvement in unproductive peer group.


NN engaged in one to one mentoring sessions with mentors to discuss his barriers to learning. Specifically, how to focus on barriers which could be actioned by NN changing his attitude and focus on the correct goals.

An example of this is NN involvement in drugs, how he can distance himself from those who are gang affiliated and ensuring that when in college he does not deter from the tasks on hand such as completing his coursework and purposefully missing lessons to be with unproductive members in his group and the college NN was present for conflict, resolution and mediation workshops which would have allowed NN to gain a better understanding of how to avoid conflict both in and out of college and the importance of resolving matters to prevent grudges and bad outcomes to arise.


NN was referred to College safeguarding team as per Cultural Capital policy. This has helped to put an action plan together to safeguard him. Safeguarding team has done a risk assessment with NN.

NN will be meeting with mentor on a weekly basis. Mentor is working on his strength and encourage him to explore part time employment. He has done a CV with his mentor and started to apply for job which will help him stay away from the circle of friends he has.

NN started to realise the importance of education and wants to pass his course and progress. This is giving him a focus.

Mentor is also working with NN and his mother to resolve any underlining issues they may have to prevent NN becoming a homeless.

NN have been working with his mentor to stay in the right side of the law which may help his court case.

Future plans

NN eventually wants to move in to Northampton where he believe he has a better support network. Mentor will be working with him to make him realise that legally he’s not allowed to enter Northampton.

NN will be attending his course regularly and complete all his course work.

NN wants to become a social worker. He will be working with mentor to look at potential courses.

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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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