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The Cultural Capital Mentoring program is funded by the ESF to allow registered students to access available academic support in the form of various relevant workshops based around current issues college students are/will face and one to one confidential mentoring sessions.

The one to one mentoring between myself and the student commenced on the 2nd November 2018 and the main objective of the activity is to provide emotional/behavioral support through conversation and creating a SWOT analysis to ensure the student feels supported throughout their college course and remains in college until the end of their course.

Participant's starting situation

Student staying with her aunt who is planning to move to Germany therefore posing the risk of homelessness.

Student was not employed and struggling financially.

She was in un unhealthy relationship with an older boy who did not attend the college. He used her for sexual gratification and requested she lend him £1700, which she did however, unfortunately, when the relationship broke down and they separated he refused to give the money back.

The now ex-boyfriend also had compromising images of her on his phone which, although he did nothing with, it created great worry and uncertainty for the student as she felt he would send these images around.


Unemployed therefore struggling financially, ongoing stress/depression and potential homelessness.


In our initial mentoring session, we looked through her old CV and edited it together using up to date information on how to format a CV and what to include. A professional CV was created and sent to students email for her to print and hand out in various shops by means of obtaining part-time employment.

A meeting was held with the safeguarding lead, the student and the boy and his parents in which the situation regarding the substantial amount of money that was leant and also presence of compromising images on his phone. The money which the boy owed this student was returned and compromising pictures deleted relieving a lot of stress off of the student and making her feel more in control.


Student was offered part time employment at a local restaurant which she was extremely happy about as she was now saving 50% of her earnings and felt she was becoming independent and didn’t have to rely on her aunt for money. This alone improved her confidence and improved her state of mind.

The owed money being paid back removed the financial strain she was under and also the emotional distress regarding fear of her personal images being sent around her community amongst friends and possibly family.

Future plans

This student hopes to successfully complete her course and go on to higher education.

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Our students are now well positioned to continue their journey beyond their time here at Leytonstone School and we are particularly grateful for the fact that you stepped in at such short notice.

Raza Ali
Acting Head Teacher, Leytonstone School

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