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The quality of our service is at the top of our priorities we are in this industry to make a difference. We often go beyond contractual requirements to insure we are able to offer a service the meet the demands of our service users. We work in partnership with service users, employers and a range of organisations and services to develop programs and initiatives that deliver impactful outcomes. Over the years This strategy has provided with many of the following successes and achievements.

The number of young people engaged on to a Cultural Capital youth program since 2013
The number of unemployed people who have completed our employability training program since May 2018

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  • One
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Development 90young people
Design 80young people
Marketing 70young people
  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
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  • 00 seconds

with Since we established in 2013
In 2015-16 we engaged directly with over 1,050 young people and supported 930 young people to engage in sustainable education and training. Of the 930 we supported, 883 young people completed the entire academic year.

We engaged indirectly with an additional 327 young people who were not eligible for the Youth Contract, providing them with various levels of support to enable them to engage or achieve in education and training.

In addition to the support offered by Cultural Capital mentors in delivering the contract, we also injected over £250,000 into services and activities to support and facilitate young people’s progression and achievement. These include educational materials, enrichment activities, additional tuition workshops and academic support.

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