Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital is a social impact organisation delivering mentoring, training and support services throughout the UK. Our service users include adults and 15-24 year olds who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and those who are at risk of becoming so.

As industry leaders, we work with some of the largest education providers to engage young people who are in the most need of our support.

Since our launch in 2014, we have worked with over 4,000 young people, providing them with over £750,000 in support. This includes equipment, learning and development activities, training and workshops. We are well known for our work in empowering young people, offering them impartial advice and guidance for independent living. We also provide support for adult learners, delivering the Adult Education Budget (AEB) using cutting edge technology, including a state of the art virtual learning platform.

Our Ethos & Values

People to find their own voice and be the best version of themselve


Each individual is given the right to the same quality of support regardless of their academic background


Innovative and Inclusive provision of support


Mutual respect and positive experience with an aim to celebrate talent and diversity in our community


Equipping and shaping people for lifelong learning


Building a partnership to create and improve tangible opportunities

Our Achievements

3000 +

Low Skilled Learners

4000 +

Ethnic Minorities Mentored

2000 +

Addiction Learners